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IMPA Consumables member of LIMANi Supply Group is your business partner in ship supply. The company is headquartered in Madrid and an specialist in full-service ship supply. LIMANi has been operating in ship supply chain and logistics in Spain for more than 20 years.

The company has become a leader in delivering extraordinary order handling experiences by providing reimagined logistics, quality products and technical knowhow to the shipping industry.

For all needs and demanded products, LIMANi is the ideal business partner that supply your ship as fast as possible due to its own assortment of products, advanced logistics software and local know-how around all the major ports of Spain and Canary Islands.

Due to the service philosophy of the group it is possible to offer services that exceeds all expectations and products of excellent quality for prices that are reasonable and fair.


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Our service team and advisers speak English, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Arabic.

Ms. Ebru Ali
Sales Representative

Speaks: Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic

Ms. Lena Livathinos
Sales Representative

Speaks: Greek, English, Spanish, Russian