The Ferryl anticorrosive product range relies on chemical properties for the best possible results in rust prevention and lubrication. The special rust-inhibitors in the Ferryl greases, oils and coatings enable long-lasting rust protection at a low cost. Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease features excellent penetration and lubrication, a high melting point, and special adhesive properties due to its rubberised binders and semi-drying film, such that the grease is resistant to high winds and seawater. The grease is excellent for all running gear and wires, crane wires, mooring wires, lifeboat falls, back springs, inside bearings on hatch cover wheels, valves, shackles, spring wire, screws, and bolts. The Ferryl product range is provided in the order table below. Safe cleaning liquid for cleaning of electrical equipment and machine parts.

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