Excellent workability and fitting any piping or winding materials.High close-adhesiveness and self-adhesiveness. Good Workability: Leak none tape does not include any adhesive materials and it has good workability without sticking to the hands or any goods surrounding the working space. The tape, slightly tensed while taping, will adhere within in 20 to 30 minutes by overlapping about every half width of tape to the material. It is not necessary to fasten by any hose band over the wrapped tape.
Applicable of Underwater Taping: Able to stop the liquid leaking (about 2 to 3 kgf/cm2) and also able to tape even in water. In this case the tape must be winded, pressing over by hand, to the material to avoid the water and trash permeating between the layer of tapes.
Applicable to Various Materials/Uses: This tape is applicable not only for protecting the leakage but also preventing the damage by salt and for electric insulation/ This tape can be applied to various kinds of material, such as metal, gum, plastic resin including PVC, piping stick materials or line materials, etc.

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LEAK NONE TAPE__25mm x roll 10mtr.

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