For preventing outbreak of a fire caused by a splash of combustible oil, such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. from oil pipes connected to an engine or a generator in a ship’s engine room. Amended SOLAS regulation IIU-2/15.2.11 stipulate that oil fuel line shall be screened or otherwise suitably protected to avoid as far as practicable oil spray or oil leakage onto hot surfaces, into machinery air intakes, or other sources of ignition.
Pipings, valves, pressure gauges, or any other auxiliary parts become loose due to vibration, fatigue, deterioration of material, excess tension, and tend to be damaged with a pinhole or crack. Covering with this anti-splashing tape to protect the exhaust pipe and other high temperature equipments from being exposed to splashes of combustible oil and preventing possible occurrence of a fire. The tape consists of aramid woven cloth superimposed with aluminium foil on both sides, and an adhesive agent is applied to one side and covered by a separator film. The tape can withstand prominent pressure of 20 kgf/cm2 2~30 kgf/cm2 when applied properly.

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